Public Course Schedule

Private on-site and custom courses are also available.

Available Courses

Public courses and Private on-site courses are available. Custom training is also available.
Certified ScrumMaster 2-days
Certified Scrum Product Owner 2-days
Enterprise Scrum – Software Scaling 2-days
Transitioning to Agile 1-day
Agile Estimating and Planning 1-day
Agile Overview ½ or 1-day
Kanban Overview 1-day
Leveraging Agile & Lean 1-day
Agile/Scrum Team Kickoff 3 to 5 days

Validated, High Quality Instruction

Don't waste your time and money on inexperienced trainers. With Oobeya Group, there is no risk.
Here is some feedback from our students...
What did you like most about the course?
...a new approach to planning and engineering, one that promotes more innovation, lower costs, higher quality, and fewer last-minute changes.
The 59 minute Scrum was a great experience. Our instructor... also made the workshop more of an interaction rather than a monolgue.
The examples from actual projects.
Well structured and organized.
What did you enjoy most about the instructor?
I felt lucky to attend a class from such a skilled, knowledgable instructor.
You cured my scrumophobia!
Instructor was very cool and patient. Good presentation and communication skills.
Fun, kept the material interesting.
Good knowledgable instructor with lots of patience.
Instructor was very patient in answering questions.
Very knowledgable, comes prepared, shares experiences from his diverse experience.