Among Chicago's most experienced Agile Coaches

Thank you for your interest in our services. We help teams and organizations achieve success sitioning to Scrum and Agile development practices. Having been involved in the agile software lopment movement since its inception, we are one of the most experienced companies in helping nizations effectively use agile techniques .

To maximize your return on our engagement, we work with you to clarify your transition/coaching s. A roadmap is then specified for the team, project, and engagement over a given timeframe . This cally begins with a few days of overview and backlog creation followed by coaching on the sprint/ation boundary.
The menu of activities commonly performed by Oobeya Group includes:
Certified ScrumMaster Training: 2 day course
Certified Scrum Product Ownership Workshop: 2 day course
Agile/Scrum Team Orientation and Project Kickoff: ½ -1 day
Product Backlog Workshop Coaching: 1-2 days
Sprint/Iteration Review, Retrospective, and Planning Coaching: ½ - 1 day
Agile/Scrum Team Email/Phone Support: ad hoc, included with coaching engagements
Agile/Scrum Team Onsite Support: 1 day, as needed by project team
Sprint/Iteration Review & Retrospective Coaching: 1 day
This engagement plan focuses the coaching provided by oobeya group on the critical planning and review activities. It is at these points that the coaching has the greatest impact. During the Sprint, the team is working on the project tasks with the teams’ ScrumMaster facilitating the use of Scrum. Your oobeya group coach is always available to anyone involved in the project via phone and email to give guidance and answer questions. Full transition support packages are tailored to your specific situation.